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Exploring Word and Spirit with Dr. Sam Storms

Dec 2, 2022

In this final program on the Kansas City Prophets we explore two providential incidents that bear witness to the legitimacy of the Spirit’s revelatory work. I conclude the series with a few brief comments about those times when these men were inaccurate in their words and why we should never let mistakes rule out...

Nov 25, 2022

Today we continue our exploration of the many ways God has provided, and will provide, facilities for the ministry in Kansas City. It bears witness once again not only to the gift of prophecy but the reality of God’s providence.

Nov 15, 2022

Today we continue to witness the miraculous provision God made of a building for the church in Kansas City. The prophetic word spoken in regard to this provision came to pass on the precise date that was given. Once again we see God’s providential orchestration of all events, to his glory.

Nov 8, 2022

In this episode we hear of an incredible dream experienced by Bob Jones and the ways in which God confirmed its reality. We also will look at the story of how the Lord miraculously provided the funding for the church to secure a building in which to meet.


Nov 1, 2022

In this episode I introduce you to a man named Noel Alexander, a South African who moved to Kansas City and played a crucial role in the church there and the prophetic stories that were to follow.